Communication:  to commune. To ‘talk with’. From Latin, Cum (together); and Munis (obliging, or binding by obligation).


Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 5.57.21 PMCommunication binds all those involved in the process together. We are on a shared journey – at least, for as long as the communication takes place, and often, for much longer. In point of fact, good conversations make good business. Our approach, therefore, looks towards building a strong, long-term relationship. When our clients engage us, we see this as an invitation to travel with them on their communications journey.

“To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.”

This quote is from Alfred Tennyson and it is taken from one his more famous works, Ulysses. It speaks of the journey of life and like life, Pure Communications finds itself being called to be of service where it can add value – as a partner in the journey of human and organisational resilience.

Always valuing the intersection of strengths in teams and individuals, our work today is really focused on building communities that find the vision and strategies and the emotional courage, to do the work that they need to do. Our methods are varied and extensive and always serve the needs of our clients. We never take a cookie-cutter approach – it simply is not possible in our line of work.

Some of our Past Projects

Site9Group Process Facilitation

Working with group sizes ranging from eight to 220, we design and deliver a facilitated process that allows groups to talk out their issues, envision the highest possible future for themselves and finally, journey with them as they map out and implement activities that will take them towards this gleaming future. Using bespoke process designs, our projects include: team bonding and development, problem solving, innovation and creativity, negotiated conflict resolution, corporate vision-mission-strategy journeys, staff engagement surveys, focus group discussions.


Site7Training Workshops

With a deep experience in high technology marketing for Fortune 10 companies, we run public and customised workshops on a range of key practice areas across the marketing and communications spectrum. These include: marketing strategy, integrated marketing communications campaigning, issues management, crisis preparedness and communication, corporate communication, personal communication skills, business writing skills, public relations writing skills, media relations campaigning, and cause marketing.


Site15Individual & Group Coaching

Through coaching, we journey with groups and individuals to help them over the humps, keep them focused, energised and joyful as they navigate their way to their goals. We work with a variety of groups and individuals who need this support and our clients include corporate executives as well as individuals going through tough transitions such as a dread illness diagnosis or career challenges. We work with clients on personal resilience, self-confidence development, life purpose and direction, self awareness, relating skills.








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An Attitude of Apreciation and Joy

Pure Communications is a business that places authentic, appreciative communication at the heart of everything that it says and does. We feel that good communication has transformative power, which can lift relationships to the next level, increase team and business effectiveness and imbue individual lives with an ineffable joy. We find our own joy in working with clients in a meaningful way, facilitating honest, open conversations with the people who matter to them - and thereby, making a real difference in they way they operate and succeed.