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Coaching – From the Gut!

Have you ever reached an impasse in your life, where it seems that all your best laid plans have merely…stalled? Coaching is a wonderful tool which organisations and individuals can use to sharpen the focus of top performers, to help map their next level of professional or personal development.

How is Pure Communications’ coaching different?

Our methodology starts by assessing the strengths of the individual, with the objective of collaborating with the coachee to amplify strengths so that these become so prominent that any perceived weaknesses fade into inconsequence by comparison. We coach people to listen to their ‘gut’, and to have the courage of their convictions, so that life and career choices are directed towards authenticity, sincerity, contribution, significance and joy.They are then in the ‘flow’ of the stream of life.

We combine the use of psychometric tools such as the Belbin Team Roles(R) inventory and the Strengths Deployment Inventory(TM), as well a series of facilitative conversations based on Appreciative Inquiry to help coachees identify themes and paths in their lives. Taking this together with a collaborative creative process, coachees come to recognise of the invitations life has been presenting to them – and then finding the courage to respond in  a way that is true to their essential selves.

Our methodology is particularly beneficial to those in transition, or those who are seeking to define a new way of embracing life and work. We help people come to a realisation of who they are at the most essential level, and then to make choices in favour of this new-found self-identity so that they are, finally, in ‘flow’.

Coaching can take place on an individual level or in small groups, where individuals then self-form into support groups.

Group Process Facilitation – Ideating the best solutions

Process facilitation is a method of running ideation and problem solving meetings that leverages the collective wisdom of the participants so that the best and most creative solutions appropriate for the situation are developed.

We use a wide variety of tools and technologies for process facilitation, all of which are carefully selected after a brief from the client tells us what the priority objectives of the facilitation are.

With this in mind, a facilitative process is developed. At the end of the facilitation, a project report and recommendations are provided to the client.

Situations where we work with clients to facilitate them through addresssing particular issues or situations include:

  • Corporate planning
  • Team building and conflict management
  • Marketing planning or campaign planning
  • Crisis preparedness planning or business continuity planning
  • Mission-vision-strategy journeys

Our Workshops

We see communications as being the lifeblood of an organisation – without effective communication, and communication processes, information flow is strangled, relationships become confrontation and conflict stalls business initiatives.

We regularly run workshops to cover a range of communication issues, including customised workshops dealing with team-building and conflict communication – helping teams to deal with conflict and issues, and build a unified approach to getting their work done.

A selection of our workshops are presented below. All courses can be conducted workshop style with up to 20 participants, or seminar style. Fees will be quoted upon a brief from clients.

Corporate Training


Brand ambassador training

People talk – it’s unavoidable. How can companies and their communications teams take control of the conversation to make sure that the conversations about their company is positive? This course – a half-day workshop – tells you how. Who should attend: HR professionals, corporate communicators, business leaders.

j0234777Brand evangelism/revival

When a company is going through a bad patch and the brand has lost of bit of its glitter, what is the most cost-effective way of making sure that the brand is talked about passionately by all its key audiences? In this course, Pure Communications takes participants through a phased, measurable, approach to developing and  implementing a brand evangelism and revival campaign. Who should attend: Corporate communicators and business leaders.

j0315598Brand traits and key message development

In this highly interactive workshop, Pure Communications works with business leaders, managers and marketing communications professionals to identify key brand traits and ‘sexy’ key messages which can then be deployed through all communications campaigns and customer touch points. One key element of this workshop is a market landscape exercise which will test the efficacy of the messages to ensure that they are differentiated from competitors’ and are memorable. Who should attend: Marketing communications professionals and business managers and/or leaders.

Note: This workshop can also be run on a one to one basis to prepare top executives for a communications exercise.

j0179010Strategic internal communications workshops

Internal communications has been the buzzword of recent times, but very few companies use it to support corporate events – such as mergers, acquisitions and, as is more to the point today, for retrenchment exercises. The quality of communication between management groups and employee groups are directly correlated to staff morale and on-the-job effectiveness – and its brand as an employer of choice. Apart from teaching the basic differences between internal and external communications, Pure Communications takes participants through an internal communications campaign development exercise utilising current tools and budgets available to show that internal communications need not be an additional expense. Who should attend: Corporate communicators, corporate leadership team.

j0216075Corporate communications and corporate marketing

Public relations is often said to be the single best tool in the communications mix for building a brand. For one, it is cheaper than advertising. Secondly, there is a wide range of (cost effective) tools available to communicators to make sure that the brand is always visible. During this workshop, Pure Communicaitons takes participants through a strategy development process for a corporate marketing and/or branding campaign using communications tools other than advertising and by the end of the workshop, participants should have the framework of an 12-18 month campaign ready to roll. Who should attend: Corporate communicators, sales and marketing leads.

j0178677Corporate writing skills training

This is a basic skills training course which provides tips and tricks to making corporate material, such as press releases, annual reports and brochures more readable and easily understood by audiences. Who should attend: Corporate communicators.

j0302829Interview skills/presentation skills training

This is standalone, or a component of the message development workshop. A modified version is also run with the Marketing No. 1, Marketing You workshop for individuals, or the message development workshop for corporate communicators and spokespeople. This workshop, which can be deployed as a half day seminar or a full day workshop, including a video-playback session for more rigorous training, seeks to train individuals to ace interviews and indeed, tough conversations of all kinds. These could be an annual general meeting, or a meeting of the board, or any meeting  you will have to sell yourself and/or your ideas.   However, because the nature of various interviews are different, the course content is adapted to provide a basic grounding in orientating messaging to the audience – whether it is a hiring manager, a seasoned journalist or a disgruntled shareholder group. Who should attend: all corporate spokespeople, and anyone with products/services to sell.

Essential Leadership – From Peak Experiences to Leading from the Gut!

Have you ever made a decision that was completely logical, yet felt completely wrong – and turned out to be one of the worst decisions in your life? On the other hand, have you ever made a decision completely based on gut feel, and had it turn out stunningly well? Leading from the Gut is a leadership programme with a difference – where we teach business leaders and managers to find the courage to make decisions that both make sense and feel right. Hard-nosed businessmen tend to rely on logic in decision making but there is plenty of research and evidence that shoes that a combination of instinct and logic yields the best decisions.

Additionally, many businessmen see their people as being ‘resources’ or ‘capital’, with the corresponding lack of emotional complement. Business thinking in this millennium, backed by an increasing shortage of talent at all levels of the organisation, tells us that leadership has to be focused on the ‘heart’ and ‘gut’. It has to be heartfelt.

Pure Communications uses psychometric tools, personal audits and a series of facilitated conversations with leaders as well as strategy games to help them define the most appropriate standards of leadership for their organisations and their people. Standards that engage both hearts and minds. Standards that address the very essence of leadership in a way that effectively engages staff and stakeholders in heartfelt ways.

Team Development

A group with strong esprit de corps is a strategic asset. No wonder so many companies spend so much time and resources on building this spirit in their organisations! Sadly, though, for every company that succeeds in building esprit de corps are several more that fail miserably despite their best efforts.

We feel that one of the reasons for this is that neither executives nor employees have true clarity on the nature of the ‘team’ that the organisation really needs. Too often, one finds organisational growth stalling because people hire other people just like them, or people with whom they might have a personal rapport, or someone with the right CV. It is the enlightened organisation that views team development as a means of building a robust company through strategic diversity.

In team development workships, we use the concepts behind Belbin Team Roles (R) to develop several reports that diagnose the nature of teams in client organisations and from this, devise a series of experiential indoor activities that help participants really come to grips with how their organisations require teams to work, what the gaps are in the teams that already exist and how they can strategically address these gaps. Typically, these workshops also ask participants to develop their own team development strategies, starting from an appreciation of the strengths of the current team and building to a vision of the type of team that is required to take the organisation to the next level.

This is a workshop that can be used for both leadership teams and mid-level managers. Typically, we sit down with the client to gain a perspective on their needs, and then plan the appropriate interventions to help address any organisational issues.

Through game storming, indoor team games and facilitated discussions, we work with clients so that they are able to appreciate and leverage the strengths of their teams and talk about team development in the context of developing and amplifying the strengths of their corporation – giving the phase ‘growing from strength to strength’ real power.

An Attitude of Apreciation and Joy

Pure Communications is a business that places authentic, appreciative communication at the heart of everything that it says and does. We feel that good communication has transformative power, which can lift relationships to the next level, increase team and business effectiveness and imbue individual lives with an ineffable joy. We find our own joy in working with clients in a meaningful way, facilitating honest, open conversations with the people who matter to them - and thereby, making a real difference in they way they operate and succeed.