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Coaching – From the Gut!

Have you ever reached an impasse in your life, where it seems that all your best laid plans have merely…stalled? Coaching is a wonderful tool which organisations and individuals can use to sharpen the focus of top performers, to help map their next level of professional or personal development.

How is Pure Communications’ coaching different?

Our methodology starts by assessing the strengths of the individual, with the objective of collaborating with the coachee to amplify strengths so that these become so prominent that any perceived weaknesses fade into inconsequence by comparison. We coach people to listen to their ‘gut’, and to have the courage of their convictions, so that life and career choices are directed towards authenticity, sincerity, contribution, significance and joy.They are then in the ‘flow’ of the stream of life.

We combine the use of psychometric tools such as the Belbin Team Roles(R) inventory and the Strengths Deployment Inventory(TM), as well a series of facilitative conversations based on Appreciative Inquiry to help coachees identify themes and paths in their lives. Taking this together with a collaborative creative process, coachees come to recognise of the invitations life has been presenting to them – and then finding the courage to respond inĀ  a way that is true to their essential selves.

Our methodology is particularly beneficial to those in transition, or those who are seeking to define a new way of embracing life and work. We help people come to a realisation of who they are at the most essential level, and then to make choices in favour of this new-found self-identity so that they are, finally, in ‘flow’.

Coaching can take place on an individual level or in small groups, where individuals then self-form into support groups.

An Attitude of Apreciation and Joy

Pure Communications is a business that places authentic, appreciative communication at the heart of everything that it says and does. We feel that good communication has transformative power, which can lift relationships to the next level, increase team and business effectiveness and imbue individual lives with an ineffable joy. We find our own joy in working with clients in a meaningful way, facilitating honest, open conversations with the people who matter to them - and thereby, making a real difference in they way they operate and succeed.