Group Process Facilitation

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Group Process Facilitation – Ideating the best solutions

Process facilitation is a method of running ideation and problem solving meetings that leverages the collective wisdom of the participants so that the best and most creative solutions appropriate for the situation are developed.

We use a wide variety of tools and technologies for process facilitation, all of which are carefully selected after a brief from the client tells us what the priority objectives of the facilitation are.

With this in mind, a facilitative process is developed. At the end of the facilitation, a project report and recommendations are provided to the client.

Situations where we work with clients to facilitate them through addresssing particular issues or situations include:

  • Corporate planning
  • Team building and conflict management
  • Marketing planning or campaign planning
  • Crisis preparedness planning or business continuity planning
  • Mission-vision-strategy journeys

An Attitude of Apreciation and Joy

Pure Communications is a business that places authentic, appreciative communication at the heart of everything that it says and does. We feel that good communication has transformative power, which can lift relationships to the next level, increase team and business effectiveness and imbue individual lives with an ineffable joy. We find our own joy in working with clients in a meaningful way, facilitating honest, open conversations with the people who matter to them - and thereby, making a real difference in they way they operate and succeed.